Edward Holcroft Wikipedia with Bio, Education, Height, career, Age,Net worth

Edward Holcroft Wikipedia with Bio, Education, Height, career, Age, Married Life, Pics, Net worth, Family, Profession, Born Place, Weight, Feet.Complete information about who is Edward Holcroft? how old is Edward Holcroft?

Edward Holcroft Biography

Edward Holcroft Biography


  • Birth Name -Edward Patrick Holcroft

  • Birth Date -June 23, 1987


  • Patrick Holcroft(Father’s Name)
  • Kathleen Annie Holcroft(Mother’s Name)

  • Education-Oxford Brookes University,Drama Center, London.

  • Height –1.85 m

  • Profession-Actor

  • Nationality-English

  • Ethnicity-British

  • Years active- 2011–present

Who is Edward Holcroft?

Edward Holcroft, while talking about him, he is one of the finest actors who took a lot of efforts to reach this height as an actor. He not only acted in movies but also in television series as well as made a role in theatre film productions. Even though the time period of his career is low, he made his foundation in many people’s hearts.

Also, many persons thought him as a gay.is he really a gay? Let’s talk about this and many of his interesting factors here.

Edward Holcroft Wikipedia

Holcroft was born on June 23, 1987. His father is Patrick Holcroft ( military person and banker) and his mother name is Kathleen Annie Holcroft( renowned publisher at Condé Nast).

His one brother name was Oliver Holcroft and his other brother’s name was not disclosed by him. He started his boarding school life when he was 8 years old.

At his young age he wanted to become a musician he also tried to learn drums but by the fate made the way for him and he gradually turned to become an actor.

Somehow he managed to complete his studies and become graduated in 2012.

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Edward Holcroft wiki

Edward Holcroft Career

Edward Holcroft is a television actor as well as he started to act in many dramas and later he became an actor. His passion for his work brought him to reach this height.

He started his career at the year,2011 and also had many opportunities and worked with famous personality as well.

He has a huge fan base for his acting that gave him much more opportunities to him to act in upcoming films .

Even though he has many films with him, he finds difficult to finish his work on time.

Edward Holcroft TV Shows

  • In 2015, he made his role in Wolf Hall
  • In 2015, he joined to act in London Spy
  • In 2017, he acted in Alias Grace
  • In the same year 2017, he acted in Gun powder.

Edward Holcroft Theatre

  • He also made his appearance in many theater shows.
  • In 2005, he acted in All’s Well That Ends As You Like It
  • In 2005, he acted in the play, Romeo & Juliet
  • In 2009, he made his role in According To…
  • In 2009, he played a role in Knuckle
  • In 2010, he played a role in Henry IV
  • In 2010, he made a role in a play , Time to Kill
  • In 2011, he again made a role in Romeo & Juliet
  • In 2015 – 2016, he acted in the play, Les Liaisons Dangereuses

Edward Holcroft Movies

  • Edward Holcroft made his appearance in many movies because of his talent in acting he got so many chances
  • In 2014, he acted in the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service
  • In the same year his other movie released in 2014, the movie is Vampire Academy

In 2015 he acted in three movies they are

  • Lady Chatterley’s Lover in 2015
  • Wolf Hall in 2015
  • London Spy in 2015

Then after a long break, he acted in movies in 2017 and the movies are,

  • Gunpowder in 2017
  • Alias Grace in 2017
  • Kingsman: The Golden Circle in 2017
  • The Sense of an Ending in 2017

Edward Holcroft 

Edward Holcroft Personal Life and Relationship

Edward Holcroft, a charming boy, have all the personality to become a dream boy in many girls life, kept his relationship details as a secret. That made people to spread much rumor at his life. once Edward and queen bee, Cressida Bonas were spotted in Wimbledon Match. So, many people have a thought that they both have a relationship and many thought him as a gay but nothing is an official information .we can hope that Edward will solve this mystery soon.

Edward Holcroft Net worth

Edward Holcroft net worth is not finalized yet, but his last year salary was considered to be around $55,624.so obviously his salary will be around some healthy millions, because in a young age he already made his roles in every field in cinema industry as well as got huge fan made that made him to engage in much more upcoming films also. he absolutely earns better millions.


  • His father is a former military man and a banker.
  • His mother is a renowned publisher at Condé Nast.
  • Edward relationship status is still a mystery.
  • He went to boarding school at the age of eight by his parents
  • Is Edward is gay?

Being a famous personality there will be always some rumor will surround them.

In Edwards life, only because he didn’t disclose his personal life he was doubted as a gay.

The rumor reached it’s peak when he made himself a role of gay in Alex in the series, London Spy movie. But Edward still keeps his personal life as a secret.

  • In his young age, he wanted to become a musician, he also tried to chase his dream by trying to learn drums,but by fate he made to act in a play at Oxford Brookes University and there comes a change and Turing point of his life where he fell in love with the profession to become an actor, after that he played in many dramas, shows and finally made his role in cinema industry and became an actor.
  • Edward height was about  6 feet 1 inch which is considered to be the one of the attractive height for men. Not only his career but also he reached high in his height too
  • He somehow keeps his personal life as a mystery and made his fans to wait, who wants to know about his personal life and commitments.
  • He was one of the members in the film named vampire academy.
  • Even though he has not had so much experience in film, he had given much more chance in acting in cinemas for his acting that attracts people. It’s all happened because of his passion for his profession.
  • This charming actor has much more fan base for his acting. In a very small age, he made a huge fan base around him.

Hopefully, we will know much more about this charming and passionate man Edward Holcroft personal details in future.is he releases it? Let’s meet in the future.

Check more info on Edward Holcroft Instagram


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