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Complete information about Eric Villency Biography. Eric Villency has a Net worth of 5 million USD. Now, How old is Eric Villency? 43 yrs old. Still, this information did not update in Wikipedia.

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Eric Villency Biography

Eric Villency Net worth

Full Name Eric Villency
Net worth $ 5 million
Age 43 yrs Old
Date Of Birth 10 June, 1975
Birth Place New York
Height 6’2″
Weight 78kgs
Body Measurements Yet to Update
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Blonde
Career CEO Villency Designs
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Marital Status Married
wife or Husband Kimberly Guilfoyle (div. 2009), Caroline Fare (div. 2017
Children  Ronan Anthony
Gender male
Education Graduation in University of Wisconsin
Profession American Interior Designer

Eric Villency Wikipedia

Eric Villency wikipedia
Eric Villency wikipedia

Eric Villency was born on June 10, 1975, in New York City. He was born to a mixed media artist Rowann and his father is the chairman of the Maurice Villency, a furniture-based company that Eric’s grandfather founded in 1932. Eric Villency was born with a silver spoon and lived a luxurious life right from his birth.

Did he schooling in New York and later graduated from the University of Wisconsin? Eric has always been quite passionate about his work, joined his firm, and took it to the new flight.

He introduced various new techniques to the company and gave away some orthodox methods and techniques. At the very onset, he changed the firm’s name from Maurice Villency to Villency design group. Eric Villency has American nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. He is a Jewish.

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Eric Villency Relationship

Once Villency established his feet firm in the business, he started looking for love. He got married to Kimberly Guilfoyle on May 27 2006, on the romantic island of Barbados. Kimberly is the former Assistant District Attorney of San Francisco and the co-host of The Five, aired on Fox News channel.

Eric and Kimberly were blessed with the child the same year on October 4, and the family seemed to be complete. They named the child Ronan Anthony. What seemed like a perfectly happy life from outside was hollow deep down, and the couple decided to part ways and drifted apart from the beautiful family they had.

Although after their divorce in June 2009, the couple acted mature and handled their relationship well. They did not strain their relationship and instead are still on talking term. Eric then started looking for love again, and in December 2013, he decided against marrying the Swedish designer Caroline Fare in West Palm Beach. Villency and Fare could not make it much longer together, and the couple parted ways in 2017.

Eric Villency Career

Eric Villency, after college, had a clear cut idea in his mind. He was to join his firm and take it to new heights. He joined his furniture company founded by his grandfather in 1932 once he finished college.

In 1998, he finally took all the burden on his shoulders and became the company’s chief executive officer. He first changed the name of the company to Villency Design Group.

Earned great fame in his professional life. He was given the title ” The Wizard of Wellness”, and Inc Magzine even regarded him as the most influential designer. In 200, he even managed to secure for himself the ” All-Star Salute” award for his brilliant and innovative designs.

In 2002, Eric launched their first home accessories collection and provided a new edge to his company. He also started a unit of his company Villency Atelier that provided customized designs and fabrication.

In 2007, he added another medal to his professional life and received the IFDA ” Design Industry” award.

In 2008, he added another laurel to his company. He launched a new business unit under the name Villency Pure Design, a collection of environmentally-friendly furniture and produced domestically.

In 2008, Villency also initiated Villency Contract, a business to business service. Villency designed some of the well-known places such as the Delta Airlines Miami Crown Lounge, Kathy Lee Gifford’s office, Urgent Care Unit at St. Vincent’s Hospital, Club level lounge in Citifield, boutiques, and hotels.

Eric Villency is famous for his business, but he has been even on Television many times. He has been on and off seen on Today Show, Good Morning America, The Tyra Banks Show, Travel Chanel, TBS, HGTV, discussing all the ins and outs of design trends, fashion, furnishing etc. Eric Villency has also been the host of a show called iDesign that aired on the Fine Living channel. He even produced and hosted a documentary on designing called INSEAM.

Eric Villency also provides his valuable contributions and inputs about designing in the Huffington Post. He also has written time and again for The New York Times, Details, Best Life, Women’s Health and Departures.

Villency also worked on projects as a model and even established the Villency Emergency Fund, which has a partnership with some of the leading fashion firms in the town.

Launched a fashion brand, Restoration of Monarchy, in 2007, has men and women’s denim line. The man seems like a superhuman trying to achieve everything and even achieving it.

Eric Villency Net Worth

Eric Villency has an estimated Net worth of 5,00,0000$ (5 Million USD). One of the famous American Interior Designer and CEO of Villency Design Group. This proves the fact about her estimated Net worth. His exact salary isn’t known, but it would definitely be enough for her to live a lavishing life.

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