Opal perlman Wikipedia with Bio, Education, Height, career, Age, Married Life, Pics, Net worth

Opal Perlman Wikipedia with Bio, Education, Height, career, Age, Married Life, Pics, Net worth, Family, Profession, Born Place, Weight, Feet.Complete information about who is Dara mir? how old is Dara mir?

Opal Perlman Biography

Opal Perlman


Full Name -Opal Perlman

Nickname – Opal

Marital Status- Married

Birthplace –USA

Height –height of 5′ 6″ (168 cm)

Ethnicity –Afro-American

Profession – Jewelry & handbag Designer

Nationality- American

Eye colour – Black

Hair colour- Black

Build -Average

Spouse  –Ron Perlman ( married on 14 February 1981- present)

Blake Amanda Perlman (born, 1984), Brandon Avery Perlman (born. 1990)

Who is Opal Perlman?

Opal Perlman, she is one of the famous and most popular Jewelry designers. Not only for her career but she is also popular for her husband, he is prominent for his beast like the character in his movies.

Opal Perlman and her husband share more than two decades of love life in their life. yes, they are happily married couples. Till now, they didn’t experience even a single rumor like extramarital affairs. It proves their strong bond of love.

Opal Perlman Wikipedia

Opal stone Perlman, her own country is Caribbean island, Jamaica.

Opal Perlman ethnicity is Afro-American .she doesn’t open up much about her personal life except her nationality is American.

Her graduation details is unknown. She loves fashion designing  and Jewelry making even at her young age . Even though she was born in the Caribbean island ,she grew up in New York.

Her love for her passion always calls out at her small age, while doing schooling. She used to bunk classes in her college and goes to her dream place that belongs to her passion, Bergdorf’s and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Opal Perlman Career

Opal stone Perlman doesn’t miss a chance to get into her passion. As a result she relived her college at the middle and started to study at Parsons Design Institute to chase her dream. In USA , her brand uses best and pure gold , and made Jewelry and  accessories such as earrings, bangles, cuffs, rings, etc.

Her brand uses best gold and precious stones while gives her brand many people attraction .It is the leading brand in USA.

She also states that her design is attracted by anything that she saw like once she was traveling she saw one tree that attracted her much and she used the tree as her inspiration to design Jewelry, while dining in Sau Paulo, Brazil.

Her collections include The Geometric Collection where it portraits the drop of water and The Splatt Collection. She has much love for her Jewelry making as well as handbag making.

Her way of making handbag was such a dream to all handbag lovers and she uses alligator skins for her design which made the bag lasts longer .she also don’t miss a chance to include includes extra pockets for her handbag designs. Her designs and quality give the crown to her designs.

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Opal Perlman Personal life

Opal Perlman and Ron Perlman were a happily married couple more than two decades. They are in an long term relationship before marriage that let their long term married life two.

They first met on 1979 in a flower boutique ,where her husband worked  for part-time to met his daily expenses because on that time he struggled with his acting career.

On the fateful day she also came near to that shop to purchase jewels for her. They met there and started to know about then.

Their love bloomed eventhough he is struggling with his career. In 1981, They started dating. They dated for at least two years and become a couple on a fine Valentine’s day, on 14 February 1981.

They still lead a beautiful life and love.Then they got their first baby three years after their marriage life, on 1984  and their daughter’s name was Blake Amanda Perlman and on 1990, they got their second son Brandon Avery Perlman.

Even now they are the one who didn’t experience a single rumor about their extramarital affairs.

Opal Perlman Height and measurements

Opal perlman ,her height is about height of 5′ 6″ (168 cm). But her measurements  is still unknown and she didn’t disclosed it yet. She had an average build body with a good and decent amount of height.

Opal Perlman Networth

Opal Perlman was active in social site and being and Jewelry  as well as a handbag Designer, she will turn over many millions but unfortunately her net worth is still under review.

It will be updated soon here.But his husband’s net worth is nearly $15 millions . With both of their salary ,they are living a luxurious and royal  life­.

Its  all because of their passion to their work. So that they shine in that field even though they had any competition for them.

She is known for her uniqueness and purity of her jewelry. She always doesn’t use cheap raw materials to her work. So that she reached heights.

Facts of Opal Perlman

  • Opal Perlman loves pearls and she said that pearls are her beloved jewelry. So we can see many pearl designed jewelry in her design.
  • She chose psychology before she dropped out of college and after that  started to go with her passion
  • For her passion as a Jewelry designer, she studied in the prestigious Parson School of Design.
  • She worked as a Jewelry designer for many famous and beautiful celebrities like such as Selma Blair, Jennifer Hudson, and Kelly Osbourne.
  • Most of her designs are inspired by nature and the things she found as attractive. By the way, her most famous design Charles de Gaulle cuff was inspired by Paris while she traveling to Paris by plane.
  • Her husband was playing a lead role in the movie beauty and the beast.
  • In 1990, they bought a property for $12 million. Now the property is worth more than $80 millions in the view of Breitenbach.
  • Opal and her husband first met happened on a boutique store in 1979.
  • Even though they married for over thirty years, they didn’t experience even a single rumor like extramarital affairs. It proves their strong bond of love.
  • As a symbol of their love story, they married on Valentine’s day, in 1981.
  • Opal and her husband met in flower boutique in 1979, where he was working their love started to bloom even though he is struggling with his career at that time.
  • She always use high quality raw materials for her designs like jewelry and handbags. She never compromise with the quality. so everyone got attracted towards them.

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