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In a world of neck to neck competition between men and women, A 29-year-old woman managed to hit the roads in such a way that she owns these streets now and came to be known as the Queen of Streets. She is known for breathtaking driving skills with her stints on the race tracks.

Precious cooper with Real Name, wiki, Husband, Age, Married Life, Pics, Networth, Age, Family, Profession, Born Place, Height, Feet and Biography.

Precious Cooper Wikipedia

Precious Cooper was born in 1989 in Osceola, Florida. Her exact birth date and month is not known. How old is precious cooper? she is 29 yrs old as of 2019. Her parents Ricky Cooper and her mother Sara Cooper were from a poor background and struggled a lot to raise their kids. Despite all the financial crisis, her parents left no stone unturned to see her where she is today.

The winner aim is the one who refuses to lose.

 Bio Details  wiki Details
Real Name Precious Cooper
Ethnicity  White
Profession  A street racer, Reality TV star
Net Worth  $600k
Eye Color  Brown
Hair Color  Brown
Famous for appearing in Street Outlaws Memphis
Special Title Queen of the Streets
Married  Not Yet
Education Rivercrest High School, Arkansas
Sisters  Chelsea Cooper
Husband  Not Yet
Age  29yrs
Born Year 1989



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She also worked hard to improve the living standards of her family. She started her education from Rivercrest High School in Wilson, Arkansas and later graduated from the same institute.  sister name is Chelsea Cooper.

When Precious Cooper describes herself, she says when she is not behind wheels, she is quite introvert and reserved but once she turns to wheels, she becomes beastly and struggles against all the hurdles that come her way.

She says that in her professional life she fights anything and everything coming in her way to attaining what she always desired.

Precious Cooper Height, Color, Size

Being a sportsperson Precious Cooper has managed to keep her body intact and well maintained. She is fairly tall and weighs decently. An American woman of white ethnicity,

she has a light skin tone and has wavy brown hair with beautiful grey eyes that speak a million stories of her struggle. Not much is known about her exact body measurements.

 Professional life

It seems like Precious Cooper was fond of cars right from the days when she could not even spell the word Car properly. At the age of 19, she got in touch with J J Da Boss with whom she traveled to Memphis to see him race and this pumped the inner racer in her.

Eventually, she decided to become a street racer and sought guidance from J J Da Boss. Boss taught her for a year until she was fully ready to hit the roads. Besides teaching how to race on the track, he also taught her the basic tactics of how to handle the mishaps and checking tire pressure and strapping the cars down to the trailers.

Precious Cooper Career

Precious Cooper started her career with an old car “Puddle Jumper” and then she was seen in Memphis street and also in Street Otlaws: Memphis show. She also appeared in the 9th season of Street Outlaws where she competed with Chuck and managed to win the title “Queen of the Streets” She also managed to defeat the big names in the field of the track like Doc and Big Chief.

Precious Cooper Net worth

Precious Cooper her net worth is reported to be around $600k.which she has gained all from her races. The amount of money that the Discovery Channel gave her for her reality series was not revealed. She owns two cars; a Puddle Jumper and a lowrider.

Precious Cooper Relationship Status

Precious Cooper, has always come across as a reserved woman and has not ever talked about her personal relationships or affairs. Whether she is married, divorced or ever had any affair never reached to the news.

She has always kept her lips sealed over the issue. If rumors had it, she was supposed to be dating with her trainer J J Da Boss but now this proved wrong because Boss is happily wed with her wife Tricia Day and even bears children.

Precious Cooper Social Media

Being a reserved woman and known for keeping her private life private, she doesn’t choose to use any social media platform to flaunt about her life. She chooses to stay lip-locked on her personal matters and is not seen on Instagram or Twitter.

Alexis Maas Net-Worth,Husband,Career, Personal life and Biography

Alexis Maas Biography with Net-Worth, Husband, Career, Personal Life, Marriage Life, Social Media, Age, Birth Place, profession and Much More Information better than Wikipedia

Alexis Maas Biography

Alexis Maas networth biography

Alexis is the fourth wife of the famous TV presenter and talk show host Johnny Carson. He hosted the famous show ” The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” between 1962- 1992. Alexis was his last wife and they spent the last years of his life together. They were married in June 1987. This marriage was Carson’s longest marriage and probably the happiest.

Alexis Maas net worth, Husband Biography

Full name: Alexis Maas Carson
Born: 1952
Birth Place: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.
Nationality: American
Married to: Johnny Carson (1987-2005)
Marital Status: Widow.

Alexis Maas Early Life and Childhood

Alexis Maas is better known as Johnny Carson’s wife. She was born in 1952, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Not much known about her early life as she raises to fame only after marrying Carson. Some rumors are to be believed, she worked as a stock brokerage employee to Johnny Carson.

Alexis Mass is the fourth wife of legendary Johnny Carson. Johnny Carson was an American, television host, comedian, writer, and producer. He received six Emmy Awards, the Television Academy’s Governor Award in 1980 and Peabody Award in 1985. Carson was also awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1992 and also received a Kennedy Centre Honor in 1993.  He died at the age of 79, on January 23, 2005, due to respiratory failure. He was a chain smoker and even smoked on camera during his ‘ The night show’ days.

Alexis Maas Marriage and later life

Johnny Carson and Alexis Maas tied their nuptial bond on June 20, 1987, after being in a relationship for some years. Their vast age gap of 26 years became a source of controversy but nothing matters over love and they proved it by standing each other throughout the journey. Johnny Carson had earlier married Joan who was of his age, then to Joanne who was 5 years younger to him and third time to Joanna who was 15 years younger to him. Finally, he broke the spell of same names and married Alexis who was 26 years younger to him.

At that time Alexis was a tall and beautiful blonde woman. She was walking up with her empty glass of wine and flaunting her bikini figure when Carson saw him and offered to fill up her glass. Since then there was no looking back for the lovebirds.

According to Henry Bushkin, Alexis usually felt the wrath of her husband and she recalls one such incident in his book where he says how Johnny Carson lost his temper on Alexis over her incidental remarks and Carson’s even went on saying that if she wanted the marriage to last, this should not repeat. That was the third week of their honeymoon.

Looking at their public appearances, the couple was photographed at many places together be it and musical event, any award show, cruising in Italy or Tennis Open. They always walked in a way that they seem drowned in love, yet Bushkin’ s remarks give another edge to the story and we wonder whether her marriage was a happy one or not.

Alexis Maas Net Worth

Johnny Carson was a great comedian and a talk show host of his time and had made a great deal of money in his life. Johnny was the highest paid host during his time and his salary is reported to be around $25 million annually. This wasn’t it, he hqd other sources of income as well. He was an investor and an entrepreneur and had a popular sartorial line, Jonny Carson Apparels. The story doesn’t finish here, he also had a mansion of 16 bedrooms with four acre ocean front compound in Malibu worth $40 million. He also had a 14000 sq. ft. mansion in Beverly Hills worth $15 million.

Being the wife of such a great tycoon Alexis Maas had a silver spoon in her mouth. Carson had earned a huge amount of money whose enormous amount naturally passed on to Alexis. She also sold his real estates in 2007. Currently, Alexis Maas net worth is estimated to be around U.S $300 million.

Alexis Maas wiki

In 2012, Alexis Maas appeared in the documentary film, on Johnny Carson’s life titled, ” Johnny Carson: King of Late Night.” which earned fame. The film was directed by Peter Jones whose priority was to gain information from first-hand memories and that is what made Alexis a major part of the documentary for she had spent a major part of her life with him and knew his inside out.

Post Carson’s Death

After Johnny Carson’s death in 2005, Alexis went back to her normal, frameless, paparazzi-less life and no one knows what she has been doing since then. But the reports are she has not remarried yet and is living on the inheritance that her husband left behind.

Andre Yaniv A Singer Biography

Name as “Andre Yaniv”

Full name: Andre Yaniv Quezada Castaneda

Net worth: Unknown

Age: 19

Date of Birth: May 28 2000

Birth Place: San Pedro, Los Angeles, California.

Height: 5’4

Weight” 55 kg

Eye color: Brown

Hair: Black

Career: Singer/Songwriter

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Latino

Children: 0

Gender: Male


Profession: Songwriter, Producer, Vocalist.


Andre Yaniv Quezada Castaneda is a 19 year old songwriter, producer and 
multi-instrumentalist from California.

He started releasing music independently, on all major platfroms, by 
january 2019. Creating visuals to accompany his music. He would then 
include this content adding it into a fictional universe of his creation called “Artificial Youth” Universe.


Andre’s music consists of a variety of different genres. While most of 
it based off Electronic music. Andre’s music differs from rock, rap, 
house, rnb and classical music.

There’s an entire webpage dedicated to these Andre Yaniv’s musical 
Examples of these influences would be: Charlie Puth, Avenged Sevenfold, 
Daft Punk, Eminem, Smash mouth, Snoop Dogg etc…

Andre Yaniv’s for track was an instrumental by the name “Laziness..”. in 


Andre Yaniv is known to be single as of August 2019.


Andre’s star sign is Gemini

Andre can play: guitar, piano, bass guitar, synthesizer, ukulele, 
percussion and MIDI Drums.

Social Media: