Chris Heisser Wikipedia,Age,Biography,Net worth

Chris Heisser Wikipedia with Age, Biography, Education, Height, Career, Married Life, Photos, Net worth, Family, Profession, Born Place, Weight, Feet, Email Id and Phone Number. How old is Chris Heisser? Who is Chris Heisser? Still, this information did not update in Wikipedia.

Chris Heisser Wikipedia

Basic info
Full Name Chris Heisser
Age 58
Family Name Heisser
Nick Name Tin Can
Famous As Boyfriend of Heather Locklear
Profession Businessman
Birth Place Westlake Village, Los Angeles, California
Current Residence Beverly Hills, California
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Gender Male
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Awards Two 125 cc National AMA Grand National Championship(in ‘82 & ‘83)
Height 5’11”
Weight 79 kgs
Measurements N/A
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Hazel
Shoe Size 11.5 US
Mother’s Name Unknown
Father’s Name Unknown
Siblings 2
Brother’s Name Kevin Heisser
Sister’s Name Courtney Heisser
Grandfather’s Name Unknown
Grandmother’s Name Unknown
Marital Status In a relationship
Girlfriend Heather Locklear
Children Presumably 2(Confirmed 1)
Monthly Salary Unknown
Net worth $700,000 USD
Annual Income Unknown
High School Newbury Park High School
University N/A
Last Qualification Unknown(Presumably a college degree in business)
Facebook N/A


Chris Heisser is an American Businessman who is famous for being the present boyfriend of veteran American actress Heather Locklear.


Chris Heisser Early Life and Education


Heisser was born on September 23, 1961, to a Christian family in the suburbs of Westlake Village in Los Angeles, California. He was one of three children in the family and has a brother, Kevin, and a sister, Courtney whom he spent most of his childhood with as they grew up in Thousand Oaks, California. Growing up, Heisser became an extreme sports enthusiast and was passionate about BMX racing and skateboarding so much so that he’d practice daily. 


As for his education, only scanty details are available on the internet. He is confirmed to have been a graduate of Newbury Park High School in Thousand Oaks, California. But no confirmed reportings about his higher education isn’t available on the internet although, he is speculated to have graduated college with a degree in business.


Chris Heisser Biography


As stated before, Heisser was a BMX racing enthusiast. As such, he began his career as a professional BMX racer even before he graduated high school. He soon came to be known as “Tin Can” when he constructed a new gas tank for his bike out of aluminum. In an interview with a motor cross publication, Chris explained that the entirety of his bike was hand-built with a modified stock Honda frame. Heisser’s successful motocross racing career spanned for many years until he retired in 1984 due to personal issues. During his professional career, he won two 125 cc National AMA Grand National Championships in ‘82 and ‘83. 


Thereafter, he founded his own construction and real estate company called Hamercop Houses Inc. in 2004 wherein he currently works as a salesperson cum contractor. However, his professional career was stained after he got arrested in 2012 and his license canceled in 2013 and was sentenced to serve two years in state prison and 180 days in a county jail for fraud. He had forged his signature in some construction loan documents and illegally defrauded hundreds of thousands of dollars from the mortgage company. As such, he was also ordered to pay $652,697 USD in victim restitution by the Department of Probation. Reports from victims suggest that he still hasn’t repaid the money he defrauded them off of.


Chris Heisser Net Worth


The exact value of Chris Heisser’s net worth isn’t known. However, it is can be speculated to be around $700,000 USD as of April 2020.


Chris Heisser Personal Life


Not much is known about the personal life of Heisser before he began dating Heather Locklear. But it is confirmed that he is divorced and has children from his previous marriage. However, the name of his ex-wife or his children aren’t known.


After his divorce, he began dating his high school sweetheart Heather Locklear. However, their relationship has been far from smooth with Locklear being in the news multiple times for domestic violence. She once crashed Porsche into a ditch after a fight with Heisser and once threw house items at him so violently that Heisser had to be hospitalized. However, despite what seems to be a tumultuous relationship from afar, they seem to be in love and Heather had, allegedly, even proposed to Heisser.


On February 25th, 2018, Locklear’s brother called in the cops after witnessing the couple fighting violently inside their house. On the arrival of the cops, Locklear violently lashed out at them, physically assaulting them. She was arrested and charged with domestic violence and three counts of battery on a police officer. She posted her bail worth $20,000 USD the next morning.


Chris Heisser Facts


  1. Heisser took Locklear to their high school prom.
  2. Heisser’s children from his previous marriage have shown their reservations about him dating Heather Locklear.
  3. Locklear has described Heisser as her “first and final love”.


Alphy Hoffman Wikipedia,Age,Biography,Height,Net worth

Alphy Hoffman Wikipedia with Age, Biography, Education, Height, Career, Married Life, Photos, Net worth, Family, Profession, Born Place, Weight, Feet, Email Id and Phone Number. How old is Alphy Hoffman? Who is Alphy Hoffman? Still, this information did not update in Wikipedia.

Alphy Hoffman Wikipedia


Basic info
Full Name Alphy Hoffman
Age 66
Family Name Hoffman
Nick Name Alphy
Famous As Alleged child molester of Corey Feldman
Profession Hollywood club owner, Businessman, Producer
Birth Place Unknown
Current Residence Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Gender Male
Religion Unknown
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Awards Unknown
Height 6’2”
Weight 75 kgs
Measurements N/A
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Dark brown
Shoe Size 12.5 US
Mother’s Name Unknown
Father’s Name Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Brother’s Name N/A
Sisters’ Name N/A
Grandfather’s Name Unknown
Grandmother’s Name Unknown
Marital Status Married
Girlfriend N/A
Children 1
Monthly Salary Unknown
Net worth Unknown
Annual Income Unknown
High School Unknown
University Unknown
Last Qualification Unknown
Facebook N/A


Alphy Hoffman is an American businessman, producer, and a former underage club owner who has gained widespread media attention when Corey Feldman accused him of molesting him when he was still a minor.


Alphy Hoffman Early Life and Education

Little is known about the early life of Alphy Hoffman. He was born as Alphy Rivas and his father was Bobby Hoffman, a veteran casting director. It is also unknown where Alphy grew up or what kind of a childhood he had, whether or not he had siblings, and who his mother was.


As for information about his education, just like most other details about his life, it is scanty. It is unknown where he went to high school and where or if he went to college. 


The reason for the unavailability of any details about his life is unknown but can be speculated that all they pulled such details off of the internet after they found him on the wrong side of sexual misconduct allegations.

Alphy Hoffman Career

It is well known, especially now, after the sexual misconduct allegations against him, that Alphy owned a private Hollywood club called “Alphy’s Soda Pop Club” which was in business from 1986 to 1989. The club was dubbed an “ultimate teenage wonderland” which only permitted entry teenagers under the age of 16, who were working in the entertainment industry. The club reportedly had a dance floor and unending access to soda. The club was frequented by present-day stars like Alyssa Milano, Nicole Eggert, Scott Grimes, Christina Applegate, Alfonso Ribeiro, Feldman, and Haim. According to, “the club parties had the hottest gigs in the town”. However, it is currently in the news for alleged sexual predatory activities.


He’s also worked as a casting director and appears to be his own LinkedIn account. He has been credited as a casting director in All My Children 25th Anniversary Special, and New Love, American Style. He has been listed as a casting associate in Phat Beach. Also, he was the producer for New Love, American Style for 3 episodes, and for the romantic comedy film “The Dating Rules”, which he is best known for. Alphy has also acted as a casting consultant for other television and films and for other voice over projects as well.


He is also the president of “Bobby Hoffman Casting” which he took over after his father, Bobby Hoffman’s death in 1994. The company specializes in television and motion picture casting.

Alphy Hoffman Personal Life

As with most of the other aspects of his life, little information is available on his personal life. However, according to unverifiable sources, he does have a daughter Jordan Ellis Wall who was born in 1992.


Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Recently, allegations against Alphy and a few others on grounds of molestation and pedophilia have surfaced when Corey Feldman came out on the Dr. Oz Show on November 13, 2017, right around the time when sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein were rife. Corey alleged that Alphy Hoffman had abused him and Corey Haim, who tragically passed away due to drug overdose in 2010, sexually during his stint as the owner of the Soda Pop Club. Corey also named a few other people including photographers, publicists, and child agents, who frequented the bar known for hosting teenagers, of rape and sexual molestation. 


Alphy Hoffman Net worth

Lack of information and the current allegations against him have made it impossible to even estimate a net worth for Alphy.

Alphy Hoffman Death

Alphy Alive or Dead?

Although Alphy hasn’t been spotted by journalists or photographers, he is indeed presumed to be alive and residing in Hollywood, California. The rumor that he had died probably stemmed from his scanty online presence and nil public sightings. 

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Angus Cloud Wikipedia,Age,Biography,Height,Net worth

Angus Cloud Wikipedia with Age, Biography, Education, Height, Career, Married Life, Photos, Net worth, Family, Profession, Born Place, Weight, Feet, Email Id and Phone Number. How old is Angus Cloud? Who is Angus Cloud? Still, this information did not update in Wikipedia.

Angus Cloud Wikipedia

Basic info
Full Name Angus Cloud
Age 26
Family Name Cloud
Nick Name Angus
Famous As Portrayal of Fezco on Euphoria
Profession Actor
Birth Place Oakland, California, USA
Current Residence Hollywood, LA, California, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Irish
Gender Male
Religion Unknown
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Awards Unknown
Height 5’8”
Weight 70 kgs
Measurements N/A
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Brown
Shoe Size 10
Mother’s Name Unknown
Father’s Name Unknown
Siblings 2
Brother’s Name N/A
Sister’s Name Unknown
Grandfather’s Name Unknown
Grandmother’s Name Unknown
Marital Status Single
Girlfriend N/A
Children None
Monthly Salary Unknown
Net worth $200,000
Annual Income Unknown(estimated to be in millions of USD)
High School Oakland School of Arts
University Unknown
Last Qualification High School Diploma
Facebook N/A

Angus Cloud wiki,Bio,Net worth

Angus Cloud is an American actor who is famous for his portrayal of Fezco in the American teen drama series Euphoria.


Angus Cloud Early Life and Education


Since Angus has only recently been a breakthrough actor, not much information is available on his childhood. 


He was born in 1994 in Oakland, California to both Irish-born parents. His parents were both professors of Oakland based universities. He has two twin sisters whom he spent most of his childhood with.


He is ethnically Irish as both his parents were the same and the actor has also talked about discovering the Irish side of his family. 


As for his education, he went to attend the Oakland School of Arts and studied design in its School of Production Design. 


According to reports, he has also been taking acting classes in Hollywood to refine his on-camera skills. 

Angus Cloud Career


While working at a chicken-and-waffles restaurant in Brooklyn, Angus was scouted by Euphoria casting agent Jennifer Venditti, thus making Euphoria his first acting gig.


He has earned international acclaim for his portrayal of Fezco in the American teen drama Euphoria which follows the life of a drug addict, Rue, fresh out of rehab and who has no plans of staying clean.

The first season show on June 16, 2019 on HBO and had attracted 577,000 viewers. Since then, the show, the first season of it at least, has been positively and has an 83% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


Furthermore, he’s also been cast as Walker in the 2020 drama North Hollywood which is reportedly the first ever movie on becoming a professional skater.


Angus Cloud Net Worth


The exact net worth of this American actor is unknown. However, it is estimated to be around the $230,000 USD mark. His career, however, is still in its infancy and hence his net worth is expected to increase exponentially with his rise in fame in the show biz.


Angus Cloud Personal Life


Angus is very active on social media and currently has over 500k followers on Instagram, where he regularly uploads happenings from his day to day life. He also has a Twitter account with over 30k followers. Thus we can conclude that he is very media friendly and doesn’t shy away from sharing his life with his fans.


However, when it comes to his dating life, he seems to be very secretive about it. However, it does seem that he is currently focused on building his career and that he is single. No information is available on his past relationships.


As mentioned before, Angus has two twin sisters with whom he spent most of his childhood. However, little information is available about them or about Angus’s relationship with them.


Angus Cloud Trivia 


  1. Angus enjoys directing and editing rap videos from his friends. Some of them can be viewed on his personal YouTube channel.
  2. Angus attended the same high school as his Euphoria costar Zendaya. Although they had some common friends, Angus has said that they didn’t really know each other.
  3. He is said to show resemblance with Max Miller.
  4. His hobbies include travelling, skating, cycling, and photography.
  5. He had said that he wanted to become a voice over artist. 

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Alexus Whilby wiki,Bio,Net worth,Age,Kyle Chrisley

Alexus Whilby Wikipedia with Age, Biography, Education, Height, Career, Married Life, Photos, Net worth, Family, Profession, Born Place, Weight, Feet, Email Id and Phone Number. How old is Alexus Whilby? Who is Alexus Whilby? Still, this information did not update in Wikipedia.

Alexus Whilby Biography

alexus whilby Bio,wiki,Net worth, Age


A still of Alexus Whilby


Full Name Alexus Whilby-Chrisley(née Whilby)
Net worth Unknown
Date of birth 1991(Age 29)
Height 5.7 Inches
Weight 62 Kgs
Eye colour Dark brown
Hair colour Black
Career Businesswoman
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Marital status Married(Spouse – Kyle Chrisley)
Wife/Husband Wife
Children None
Online presence Instagram

Alexus Whilby Wikipedia

Alexus Whilby came into the limelight when she married American, former reality TV star Kyle Chrisley in 2014. She herself is a businesswoman and is the director and co-owner of Home Designs and Business Development.

Alexus was born in 1991 in Atlanta Georgia. Details on her parents are not known, although it is known that her father tragically passed away on 26th August 2017. She has a sister – Amber Pyratt and they belong to the African-American ethnic group.
Not much is known about her educational background but she has been confirmed to have attended middle Georgia College and graduated from Oglethorpe University.

Alexus Whilby Career and net worth

Alexus joined ALTA Language Services, a company based in Atlanta, as an accounting manager and reportedly makes $64,000 a year. She is also a successful businesswoman and is the current director of Whilby’s LLC. However, her exact net-worth remains unknown.

Moreover, she and her husband have also formed a musical duo by the name of Lexi and Kyle Chrisley and have released their first song “Shame on you”.


Alexus Whilby Marriage and later life

Alexus Husband

Alexus and her husband, Kyle


Alexus made headlines when she married former reality star Kyle Chrisley in 2014. Reportedly, they have a healthy marriage, one without any marital wrangles. Moreover, Alexus helped her husband overcome his drug addiction and stayed with him during her husband’s nadir.

alexus daughter

Kyle Chrisley and his daughter, Chloe Chrisley

The couple hasn’t been blessed with any children yet but Kyle is the father of Chloe Chrisley, who was conceived during his former relationship with Angela Victoria Johnson in 2012. However, Kyle lost custody of his daughter because of his drug addiction.

Alexus Whilby Trivia


1) Alexus Whilby has Jamaican roots.

2) She graduated from Oglethorpe University in 2016.

3) She spent most of her childhood with her sister, Amber.

4) Because of her position as CEO of Whilbe’s LLC, she is rumored to be worth millions of dollars.

5) She has dimples on her cheeks.

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Malika Andrews Wikipedia,Age,Biography,Height,Net worth

Malika Andrews Wikipedia with Age, Biography, Education, Height, Career, Married Life, Photos, Net worth, Family, Profession, Born Place, Weight, Feet, Email Id and Phone Number. How old is Malika Andrews? Who is Malika Andrews? Still, this information did not update in Wikipedia.

Malika Andrews wikipedia


Malika Andrews

A still of Malika Andrews


Full Name Malika Andrews
Net worth $100,000
Date of birth 28/01/1995
Age 25
Height 5’6”
Weight 57 kgs
Measurements 35-28-36
Build Athletic
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Dark Brown
Career NBA Reporter
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Marital status Unknown
Wife/Husband N/A
Children None
Online presence Twitter, Instagram

Malika Andrews Biography

Malika Andrews is one of the brightest NBA reporters who has become famous for her unique presentation style.



Malika Andrews and her sister Kandra

Malika and her sister, Kendra


Malika was born on the 28th of January, 1995 in Oklahoma, the United States of America. She was born to a white mother and an African-American father. Hence, her ethnicity is mixed. Her star sign is Aquarius. She was raised in Oklahoma along with her sister, Kendra Andrews.

Malika Andrews Education


Malika Andrews University ,Education

A still of Portland University, the alma mater of Malika

After completing her high school in 2012, Malika attended the University of Portland and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts(BA) in 2017. During her graduation, she was also the editor-in-chief of the University Newspaper, The Beacon.


Malika Andrews Career

Malika Andrews interview


Malika interviewing Kristaps Porzingis


Malika’s career started while she was still in college when she interned for quite a few media firms like KOIN-TV, the Denver Post, Associated Press, SportsTechie, and Yahoo! Sports. 

She interned for KOIN-TV between May 2015 and August 2015 and for two months in 2016, was the sports reporting intern at The Denver Post.

In August 2015, she joined Associated Press as its Portland Trailblazers where she worked for almost two years. In December 2016, after she quit Associated Press, Yahoo! Sports hired her as its College Basketball and NBA writer.


Her big break came with her joining ESPN as a reporter in October 2018. On the network, she mainly covers the Chicago Bulls, the Milwaukee Bucks, and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Her experience as a reporter and her in-depth knowledge in professional Basketball is clearly evident from her reporting style. 

Malika Andrews instagram


A still of Malika’s Instagram post(Credits – @malika_andrews on Instagram)


Although she mainly covers NBA news, she also reports on other platforms like SportsCenter and ESPN radio. Her beauty, unique presentation style, concise and clear reporting have all contributed to her immense growth among NBA fans and boy does she deserve it.

Other notable highlights in her reporting career include traveling to Lake Tahoe as part of a team of journalists that reconstructed the events that transpired between Donald Trump and Stormy

Daniels, reporting on the impact of Sonoma Country wildfires on the equine industry in 2017, and detailing how Larry Nassar sexual assault case affected children’s gymnastics.


Malika Andrews Net worth


Malika has an estimated net worth of $100,000 which she has mainly amassed from her time with the ESPN. At such a young age, the reporter seems to have made quite a name for herself – a true Beauty with Brains she is.

It was also confirmed that the American sportscaster makes $50,000 annually which is very good considering the average salaries of professional sportscasters range from $16,000 to $75,000 per year. 


Also, judging from her Instagram, she does seem to enjoy quite a luxurious life indicating that she probably earns from other sources as well, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Malika Andrews Personal Life and relationships


It is currently unconfirmed if Malika is in a relationship at present, however, judging from her social media posts it is unlikely that she is.

She seems to be very focused on her career and often uses social media to talk about pursuing one’s passions. 


Malika Andrews and her sister Kandra

Another still of Malika and her sister, Kendra, with whom she is very close with

She is also very close with her sister, Kendra and regularly posts pictures with her on her social media platforms.


Malika Andrews Height, weight, and measurements


Malika Andrews

A still of Malika during an ongoing NBA match


Being a sports reporter requires a wide array of skills – confidence, precision of reporting matter, researching skills etc. Being easy on the eye, though certainly not a necessity, sure does help.
Malika is a gorgeous woman.

She has a great body and being a woman of mixed ethnicity gives her some unique attributes like her skin tone and her signature curly hair. Her estimated measurements are 35-28-36 (Breast-Waist-Hip). She is 5’6” tall and weighs in at 57 kgs – almost perfect for her height.

Malika Andrews News and trivia


1) She was awarded the James Reston Reporting Fellowship by the New York Times in June 2017.

2) She is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists(NABJ).

3) She has quite a few awards under her belt already – 

  1. President’s Scholarship
  2. 2015 Sports Story of the Year award – 5th place
  3. Online Sports Reporting Mark of Excellence
  4. ONPA Feature Sports Story
  5. Sinclair Broadcast Diversity Scholarship
  6. Salute to Excellence award in online sports reporting – NABJ
  7. Larry Whiteside scholarship award – NABJ
  8.  Associated Press Sports Editor Scholarship
  9. National Mark of Excellence award in general news


4) She speaks Spanish.

5) She is a member of the Online News Association

6) Following the loss of the Milwaukee Bucks, Giannis Antetokuonmpo reportedly walked out of his post-match press conference because he was unhappy with a report written by Malika Andrews.

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Slaiman Wiki,Bio,Net Worth,Kate Martineau

Slaiman Wikipedia with Age, Biography, Education, Height, Youtube Career, Married Life, Photos, Net worth, Family, Profession, Born Place, Weight, Feet, Email Id and Phone Number. How old is Slaiman Who is Slaiman? Still, this information did not update in Wikipedia.

Slaiman Wikipedia

slaiman Youtuber Biography


Basic info Australian Youtuber
Full Name Slaiman Joseph Akl
Age 27 Yrs (as of 2019)
Family Name Akl
Nick Name Slaiman
Famous As YouTube personality
Profession YouTuber, Pharmacist
Birth Place Australia
Current Residence Australia
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity Caucasian
Gender Male
Religion Unknown
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Awards YouTube Silver Play Button, YouTube Gold Play Button
Height 5’11”
Weight 82 kgs
Measurements N/A
Hair Colour Dark brown
Eye Colour Brown
Shoe Size Unknown
Mother’s Name Unknown
Father’s Name Unknown
Siblings 2
Brother’s Name N/A
Sisters’ Name Tamara and Sabrina Akl
Grandfather’s Name Unknown
Grandmother’s Name Unknown
Marital Status In a relationship with Kate Martineau
Girlfriend Kate Martineau
Children None
Monthly Salary $1,500-$24,400 USD
Net worth $500,000 USD
Annual Income $18,300- $293,100 USD
High School Unknown
University University of Queensland
Last Qualification B.Pharmacy, LLB
slaiman wiki,bio,Net worth,affairs
slaiman wiki,bio,Net worth,affairs

Slaiman Biography

Slaiman Joseph Akl is an Australian YouTube personality and a registered pharmacist. He is known for his prank videos that he makes with his long-time girlfriend of 6 years, Kate Martineau.

Slaiman was born as Sulaiman Joseph Akl on the 14th of March, 1993 in Australia. No information is available on his parents but it is confirmed that he has two sisters whom he grew up with.

Slaiman Education


kate martineau degree

As for his education, he graduated with a degree in pharmacy in 2014 and a degree in law from the University of Queensland in December 2018.

Slaiman Career


After graduating in 2014, Slaiman was employed as a registered pharmacist. He also started a YouTube channel “Whealth by Slaiman” in September of 2014 with his first video being, “How to Avoid/Prevent a Hangover.

Kate Martineau

Since then, he has garnered over 2.2 million followers on YouTube and is mostly known by netizens for his extreme prank videos. Additionally, he also manages a joint channel “Slaiman and Kate” with his girlfriend, Kate Martineau, which has over 400k followers on the platform. Reportedly, he edits the videos, for both the channels, himself.

His third YouTube channel “Music by Slaiman,” where he uploads his original music and also allows fans to use them for non-commercial purposes.

He also has a pretty massive following on his Instagram and Twitter profiles which he uses to interact with fans and intimate them on his upcoming videos.


In December 2018, Slaiman graduated from the University of Queensland with a degree in law and got registered to practice as a lawyer in 2019. It seems like he’s put in a lot of work to shape up a great career for himself.

Slaiman Personal Life


Little to no information is available on his family. It is known that he has two sisters Tamara and Sabrina Akl with whom he maintains good relationships with.

Kate Martineau Birthday

Slaiman went on a first date with YouTube and Instagram star Kate Martineau on February 12, 2014. They immediately hit it off and started dating.

As of March 2020, they’ve been dating for 6 years but haven’t made any serious announcements on marriage yet.

slaiman and kate married
slaiman and kate married


Slaiman Net worth


It is not possible to put down an exact value of net worths of YouTube stars whose source of income is directly related to a lot of variable factors. However, as of March 2020,

Slaiman has an estimated net worth of $500,000 USD which he has amassed from his stint as a pharmacist and from the three of his YouTube channels(2 of owned by him and 1 owned jointly by him and his girlfriend).


Kate Martineau Age

Slaiman Controversies


The pharmacist turned YouTube star has been the subject of a fair number of controversies, most of them pertaining to his YouTube content.

He has often been lambasted by various internet blogs for his brutal pranks on his girlfriend which often end with her breaking down and crying before he reveals that the whole thing was a prank. Others have alleged that the so-called “pranks” were contrived because they did not elicit reactions that one might expect from them. Others have warned that his channel, due to the similar nature of the content, might meet the same fate as “PrankvsPrank “.


Slaiman Trivia


1) His sister, Tamara, is also a lawyer and currently works as a solicitor for King & Wood Mallesons.


2) His sister and his girlfriend are also graduates in law from the University of Queensland.


3) His pharmacist registration was issued on the 16th of December, 2014 and his address listed on the same was Indooroopilly 4068.


4) He’s the oldest of his siblings.


5) His most viewed Youtube video “Pregnancy PRANK on Boyfriend GOES HORRIBLY WRONG!” has over 26 million views

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Hayes Robbins wikipedia,Bio,Net worth,Height,Wife,Profession.

Hayes Robbins Wikipedia with Age, Biography, Education, Height, Serials, Movies, Career, Married Life, Photos, Net worth, Family, Profession, Born Place, Weight, Feet, Email Id and Phone Number. How old is Hayes Robbins? Who is Hayes Robbins? Still, this information did not update in Wikipedia.

Hayes Robbins and his wife new image

Hayes Robbins Wikipedia

Basic info
Full Name Nathaniel Hayes Robbins
Age 40
Family Name Robbins
Nick Name Nathan
Famous As Husband of Danielle Panabaker
Profession Entertainment attorney
Birth Place Unknown
Current Residence California, United States of America
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Gender Male
Religion Unknown
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Awards Unknown
Height Unknown(estimated to be more than 6 feet)
Weight 86 kg
Measurements N/A
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Blue
Shoe Size Unknown
Mother’s Name Unknown
Father’s Name Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Brother’s Name N/A
Sisters’ Name N/A
Grandfather’s Name Unknown
Grandmother’s Name Unknown
Marital Status Married to Danielle Panabaker
Girlfriend N/A
Children 1
Monthly Salary Unknown
Net worth $500,000 USD
Annual Income Unknown
High School Maret High School
University The University of Pennslyvania, University of Southern California
Last Qualification BA, JD
Facebook N/A
Hayes Robbins wikipedia,Bio,Networth,Height,Wife,Profession.
Hayes Robbins wikipedia,Bio,Networth,Height,Wife,Profession.

Nathaniel Hayes Robbins is an American entertainment attorney who is famous as the husband of The Flash star Danielle Panabaker.


Hayes Robbins Early Life and Education


Hayes Robbins was born as Nathaniel Hayes Robbins on the 18th of January, 1980. He celebrated his 40th birthday this year(2020). Very little information is available on his parents and his childhood. He seems to be a private person and has yet to make details about his early life in public.


As for his education, he went to the  Maret School, a private, independent school in Washington D.C.

He went to attend the University of Pennslyvania from 1998-2002 and graduated with a degree in arts(BA), concentrating in Political Science and International Relations.

Right after his graduation, he got accepted to the University of Southern California Law School and graduated with a Juris Doctorate(JD) in 2005.


Hayes Robbins Career


As a fresher out of law school, he at Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP. After his five years, six months stint there, he left the company for Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP in February 2012.

He worked there for five months before accepting a partner offer for goodman Genow, Schenkman, Smelkinson & Christopher, where he currently works.


Not much information is available regarding his entertainment attorney but he represents the famous British tenor, Peter Hoare, along with Kailey Marsh of “Brillstein”. 


Hayes Robbins Personal Life 


Robbins came into the limelight when news about him dating the talented and beautiful The Flash star Danielle Panabaker was circulated in the media. The duo had met each other through a mutual friend and hit it off.

They dated for a couple of years and got engaged in Greece in July 2016, a trip that Panabaker had termed “I will never forget”. They got married and ceremony in June 2017.

Her Flash co-stars, Grant Gustin, Carlos Valdes, Tom Cavanagh, and Jesse L. Martin, and her fellow CW co-star Katie Cassidy and Victor Garber, were all present for her wedding ceremony. 


On her wedding day, Hayes flaunted a sleek navy blue tux while Panabaker wore a breathtaking Monique Lhuillier-designed wedding gown. Following their beautiful wedding, honeymoon at the calming and beautiful French Polynesian island of Bora Bora for two weeks. The couple are expecting their first child in the Spring of 2020.


Hayes Robbins Net Worth


For obvious as well as legal reasons(being a lawyer really helps sometimes), he hasn’t disclosed his salary information on social media. But, let’s face it, being an entertainment city in Hollywood is definitely a high-paying job. 


 Has an estimated the average salary of an entertainment attorney in Hollywood to be around $165,000 USD yearly? 

Also, there is little information available regarding his exact net worth, although, it is estimated to be around $500,000 USD. Along with his wife, Danielle Panabaker, the duo boasts a net worth of more than $3.5 million USD.


Hayes Robbins Facts


1) He was admitted to the State Bar of California on the 12th of May, 2005. His license number is 240022 and his address is listed as that of Beverly Hills, California. His business phone number is – (310) 385-9300.

2) He joined Twitter in 2009. However, he has turned his Instagram profile to private.

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Nicole Kimpel Wiki,Age,Biography,Photos,Net worth

Nicole Kimpel Wikipedia with Age, Biography, Education, Height, Serials, Movies, Career, Married Life, Photos, Net worth, Family, Profession, Born Place, Weight, Feet, Email Id and Phone Number. How old is Nicole Kimpel? Who is Nicole Kimpel? Still, this information did not update in Wikipedia.

Nicole Kimpel Wikipedia

Basic info
Full Name Nicole Kimpel
Age 38
Family Name Kimpel
Nick Name Nicole
Famous As Girlfriend of Antonio Banderas
Profession Entrepreneur
Birth Place Stuttgart, Germany
Current Residence Malaga, Spain, and London, UK
Nationality Dutch
Ethnicity Caucasian
Gender Female
Religion Unknown
Zodiac Sign Leo
Awards Unknown
Height Unknown(estimated to be 5’7”)
Weight 60 kgs
Measurements N/A
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Blue
Shoe Size Unknown
Mother’s Name Unknown
Father’s Name Unknown
Siblings 1
Brother’s Name N/A
Sisters’ Name Barbara Kimpel
Grandfather’s Name Unknown
Grandmother’s Name Unknown
Marital Status Unmarried; in a relationship with Antonio Banderas
Boyfriend Antonio Banderas
Children None
Monthly Salary Unknown
Net worth $1.5 million USD
Annual Income Unknown
High School Unknown
University Unknown
Last Qualification Graduate
Facebook N/A

nicole Kimpel wikipedia

Nicole Kimpel is the current girlfriend of the famous Spanish actor Antonio Banderas.


Nicole Kimpel Early Life and Education


Nicole Kimpel was born along with her twin sister, Barbara Kimpel, on the 28th of July, 1981 in Stuttgart, Germany. Not many details about her parents are available except that her mother was Dutch and her father, German.

They spent their preschool years in Stuttgart itself before moving to Switzerland. There they attended high school and studied French. However, before they could graduate high school they had to move to the United States along with their father who was an engineer.


In the United States, they attended universities in both the East and the West coasts before returning to Geneva to complete their college education. After graduating, Barbara moved to the United States to study psychology while Nicole stayed back in Geneva to work for a software company.

nicole kimpel wiki,Biography,Net worth

Nicole Kimpel Career


After her stint in a software company, Barbara worked first for an international bank, and then for a private bank in Geneva. On the other hand,

Barbara started dabbling in the real estate business in the United States before moving back to Geneva to work in a biotechnology firm, her job being to attract investors for the same. 


They both started sharpening their skills and acquiring knowledge in finance, real estate, and big data. With their knowledge and expertise, they constructed their own business, thus marking the birth of Baniki – named after combining the first two letters the sisters’ names and their common last name.

Baniki is for the most part, a fashion business and specializes in collections of handbags and clothing, with their motto being “Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication”. With the knowledge in design that Nicole acquired from her time as a design student in Central Saint Martins, London, she fine-tuned her Baniki collection offerings. 


As an investment banker, Nicole has worked in many reputed companies like Merril-Lynch and Lombard Odie. 


Nicole Kimpel Personal Life


Rumors that about Nicole and Antonio dating disseminated when the duo was spotted together in August 2014 in St. Tropez.

The rumors held strength because, not long ago, Antonio had also announced the separation from his and now with former spouse of 19 years, Melanie Griffith. However, sources have said that Nicole had nothing to do with the separation of Melanie and Antonio.


The two began dating after meeting at a party organized by a mutual friend at the Miramar Hotel close to the Cannes Film Festival. Since then, Nicole had accompanied Antonio at several red carpet festivals and the duo have also been spotted doing stuff that you know…regular couples do.

They two also feature on each others’ Instagram and openly talk about each other during interviews. From the looks of it, the duo does seem to be in it for the long haul. 


In a Jimmy Kimmel Live episode, Banderas announced that Kimpel saved his life in 2017 when he suffered from a heart attack. He said that she had a headache the night before and bought Aspirin 5mg, a strong dose for the same. The next morning, when Banderas started showing the telltale signs of an imminent heart attack, Kimpel placed one of those aspirins in his mouth, potentially saving his life. A heart attack is nothing but the death of a muscle segment caused by a clogged artery forming a blot clot, impeding blood flow to the heart. Aspirin reduces the clumping action of blood platelets thus possibly preventing a heart attack.


However, as of March 2020, the couple hasn’t made any announcements for marriage. 


Nicole Kimpel Net worth


The exact net worth of the Dutch banker is currently under review. However, judging from her entrepreneurial success, and her successful career as an investment banker, it is estimated to be upwards of $1.5 million USD.


Nicole Kimpel Facts


1) She is more than 20 years younger than Antonio.

2) She has been described as a shy person by Antonio.

3) She is a fitness buff and can often be seen going on runs with Antonio.

4) She is fluent in five languages – French, English, Spanish, German, and probably Italian.

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Edith Mack Hirsch Wikipedia,Bio,Death,Age,Married Life,Net worth

Edith Mack Hirsch Wikipedia with Bio, Education, Death, Height, career, Age, Married Life, Photos, Net worth, Family, Profession, Born Place, Weight, Feet.

Edith Mack Hirsch wikipedia

A still of Edith and Desi

Edith Mack Hirsch Wikipedia

Full Name Edith Mack Hirsch(née McSkimming)
Net worth $20 million
Date of birth 15/04/1917
Age 67 as on her date of death 25/03/1985
Height 5’4”
Weight Unknown
Build Athletic
Eye colour Sky Blue
Hair colour Red
Career Actress, model
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Marital status Married(Spouse – Desi Arnaz)
Wife/Husband Wife
Children None(Stepmom of Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr.)
Online presence N/A
Instagram N/A

Edith Mack Hirsch Biography

Edith Mack Hirsch was the wife of the famous Cuban-born American actor, musician, bandleader, comedian and film and television producer, Desi Arnaz.

Edith Mack Hirsch was born as Edith Mack McSkimming on April 15, 1917, in Illinois, United States of America. She has never disclosed information on her parents or her siblings. But it is known that she loved traveling and exploring.

She was also known to be kind and helpful to people suggesting that she had a very good upbringing.

Edith Mack Hirsch Biography

A young Edith Hirsch

Edith Mack Hirsch Education

The early 20th century was a very different time. Education was not very prevalent and higher studies were almost unheard of. However, Edith’s parents did send her to school. She went to a local high school in Illinois, where she grew up and was reportedly a very bright student and received good grades. After graduating from high school, she did not attend college and focused more on her career.

Edith Mack Hirsch Personal life and Marriage


Edith Mack Hirsch marriage

A still of Lucille(Desi’s ex-wife) and Desi


Edith was Desi Arnaz’s second wife. Desi was previously married to Lucille Ball, who was known to have a beauty rivaling her own. Desi wed Lucille on November 30, 1940. They had two children together – a daughter, Lucille and a son, Desi Arnaz Jr. Their marriage was reportedly marred with controversies. Desi’s alcoholism, womanizing strained their marriage tremendous pressure of performance from his studio strained their marriage. They divorced in 1960.

The marriage of Edith and Desi


A still of Edith’s son, Desi Arnaz Jr.

Edith Mack Hirsch daughter

A still of Edith’s daughter, Lucie Arnaz

Three years after his divorce, Desi met Edith and was immediately attracted to her by virtue of her sheer beauty. They started dating and later married on March 2, 1963. This time, Desi put an effort to make his marriage as strong as he could. He cut his time from his career and put more focus on his marriage. The couple wasn’t blessed with any children of their own but Edith remained a loving stepmom to Lucie and Desi Jr.
Unlike his first marriage with Lucille, his marriage with Edith did not make a lot of headlines. After Arnaz’s semi-retirement, the couple moved to California. Their marriage was strong and ended only with the tragic death of Edith. They were married for almost 23 years.

Edith Mack Hirsch Net worth

A still of Desi Arnaz

Edith, in general, kept her career well under wraps and her fame mainly stems from her marriage with the wildly popular actor, Desi Arnaz. It is rumoured that she was an actress and a model before she wed Desi. The rumours were mainly a result of her jaw-dropping beauty.

Her husband, on the other hand, was one of the most famous actors of his time. He is known for movies like “The Long, Long Trailer”, “The Navy Comes Through”, “Four Jacks and a Jill”, “I Love Lucy”. By the end of his career, he had amassed a massive net worth of an estimated $20 million.

Edith Mack Hirsch Death

Almost 23 years into her marriage, Edith passed away on March 25th, 1985 from an undisclosed form of cancer. She was 67 years old when she died.


A newspaper clipping outlining the death of Desi Arnaz

Her husband also died from lung cancer just a year later, on December 2, 1986.

Edith Mack Hirsch News

1) Edith was reportedly always helpful to people during her upbringing.

2) Her husband, Desi Arnaz also had a hotel business ‘Desi Arnaz West Hills Hotel’ which he started in the year 1957. The hotel consists of 42 rooms and a restaurant featuring his recipes.

3) She was reportedly good friends with her husband’s ex-wife, Lucille.

4) Before marrying Desi, Edith was married to Clement L. Hirsch. However, the date of the marriage or divorce is not known.

5) Her astrological sign is Leo.

Arielle Goldrath Wikipedia,Bio,Education,Career,Net worth

Arielle Goldrath Wikipedia with Bio, Education, Height, career, Age, Married Life, Pics, Net worth, Family, Profession, Born Place, Weight, Feet.Complete information about who is Arielle Goldrath? how old is Arielle Goldrath?

Arielle Goldrath Wikipedia

arielle goldrath

Basic info Private chef and wife of Kevin McKidd
Full Name Arielle Goldrath McKidd(nee Goldrath)
Age 31
Family Name Goldrath
Nick Name  Arielle
Famous As Wife of Kevin McKidd
Profession Private Chef
Birth Place New York State, USA
Current Residence Topanga, California, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Gender Female
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Sign Leo
Awards Unknown
Height 5’6”
Weight 59 kgs
Measurements 34-29-38
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Blue
Shoe Size 7
Mother’s Name Unknown
Father’s Name Unknown
Siblings 2
Brother’s Name Jake Goldrath
Sister’s Name Paulina Andrews
Grandfather’s Name Unknown
Grandmother’s Name Unknown
Marital Status Married
Boyfriend N/A
Children 2
Monthly Salary $5500-$11,667
Net worth $300,000
Annual Income $66,000-$140,000
High School Half Hollows Hills High School
College Unknown
University Unknown
Last Qualification Post Graduate Certification in Culinary Sciences

Arielle Goldrath Biography

Arielle Goldrath is an American private chef who is known for being the wife of Grey’s Anatomy star Kevin McKidd.

arielle goldrath personal life

Arielle was born on the 19th of August, 1988, in Dix Hills, New York State, the United States of America. No information is available regarding her parents but it is confirmed that she has a sister Paulina Andrea and a brother Jake Goldrath whom she spent most of her childhood with.

Arielle Goldrath Education

Arielle obtained her high school diploma from Half Hollows Hills High School East in her hometown. Although no information regarding her college is available, it has been confirmed that she attended the New York Chef’s school to study professional cooking.


Arielle Goldrath Career

After completing her professional cooking course from New York Chef’s school, Arielle became a full-fledged private chef. Reportedly, she is very good at her job as well and has catered to the catering(see what I did there? No? Okay.) needs of quite a few high powered celebrities.
At present, she is the co-owner of the Canyon Girls Catering company which supplies food to the film industry in Hollywood but has, reportedly, expanded to wider California and other states as well.

arielle goldrath wikipedia
She also has pretty robust social media connections and uses the same to keep in touch with her fans and advertise her catering company. A quick glance through her Instagram profile would show that she loves horseback riding and posting pictures of her kids(how cute are they?). She is quite active on Instagram and Facebook and has a following of 828 on the former.

Arielle Goldrath Net worth

Arielle Goldrath reportedly has assets worth $250,000-$400,000. Also, being a gourmet chef and culinary expert in Los Angeles, she probably makes around $66,000-$140,000 per year.

Her current place of residence in the Sherman Oaks, California is worth $2.9 million sprawling over 4000 sections of land and has five rooms and six bathrooms.

Her husband, Kevin McKidd, is a successful actor, famous for his role as Dr. Owen Hunt on the hit ABC show Grey’s Anatomy. He has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Besides his permanent place of residence with his wife in the Sherman Oaks, he has two additional houses in – one in the Hollywood Hills, and the other in the Malibu area.

Also, he reportedly gave away two pieces of land properties to his ex, Jane Parker, as part of their settlement arrangement.

He also pays $22,400 every month in youngster support and $65,096 to his ex as spousal support. He’s also ventured into the business world with his eateries chain McKidd Burger Chain in Edinburgh, and his design-line Kevin McKidd seduction. He also owns a vodka brand Pure Wondermckidd in 2016.
It can, thus, be inferred that Arielle and her husband have a significant measure of net worth and can very well live a pretty lavish life.

Arielle Goldrath Personal Life and Marriage

Arielle met Kevin McKidd at a party in 2015. They hit it off and became good friends. In 2016, they started dating and this was probably the reason Jane Parker divorced Kevin McKidd in the same year.

Arielle is one of those lucky women who got to plan their wedding as well as their baby shower at the same time. The couple got married on March 3, 2018, at an intimate, private Jewish wedding and welcomed their first child, a son, Aiden McKidd in May 2018. In July 2019, the couple welcomed their second child, a daughter, Nava McKidd.

Arielle was the second wife of her husband. Kevin McKidd was earlier married to Jane Parker. They got married in 1999 and divorced the same year that Kevin started dating Arielle i.e 2016. He has a son, Joseph McKidd(born 2000) and a daughter, Iona McKidd(born 2002) from his marriage with Jane.

Arielle Goldrath News


1) Arielle’s second child, Nava’s birth came as a complete surprise to many of the fans when the couple announced the news via Instagram.

2) Kevin likes to keep his private life away from paparazzi attention.

3) Her daughter, Nava’s name means ‘beautiful music’ in Hebrew.

4) Her son Aiden’s name means ‘little fire’ and is of Irish origin.

5) Her hobbies include horseriding and swimming.

6) Her favourite actor is Robert Downey Jr. and favourite actress is Charlize Theron.

7) Her favourite food is a cheeseburger.

Image credits to facebook