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Celestia Vega bio

A still of Celestia Vega

Celestia Vega Wikipedia

Full Name Celestia Vega
Net worth $200,000
Date of birth 12/08/1998
Age 21
Height 5’6”
Weight 52 kgs
Measurements 35C-25-28
Build Athletic
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Dark brown
Career Twitch streamer, YoutuberAdult star
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Marital status Single
Wife/Husband N/A
zodiac sign LEO
Online presence Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/celestiavega1998


Celestia Vega is an American former Youtuber turned adult star turned twitch streamer who became famous after some of her raunchy youtube videos went viral.

Celestia Vega Biography


Celestia Vega was born on the 12th of August, 1998 in California, the United States of America. Details on her parents aren’t known. She’s been using computers since the age of 3.

She developed a proclivity towards gaming and reportedly loved to games like Tekken, Adventure Quest, and Crash Bandicoot.

She was also an avid reader from a very young age and could read three books at a time. According to her twitch profile,

she also loves playing the guitar and had reportedly learned to play the same at the age of five.

Celestia Vega Education

She attended a high school in New York but dropped out to pursue a career as a content creator. However, she did state in May 2019 that she wanted to resume her school studies.

Celestia Vega Career

She started her career as a Twitch streamer playing Runescape, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Animal Crossing: Wild World among others. A fellow YouTuber Zoie Burgher helped her to break out online.

She started her own YouTube channel in 2015 and has garnered over 550k+ followers and over 26 million views since. Some of her viral videos include “Dirty Q&A”, “Touch My Body Challenge”, “Smash or Pass: YouTuber Edition” and “BTS My First Scene”.

She’d also collaborated with Joe Weller, Elliott Crawford, Lena the Plug and KSI.

She undoubtedly is well aware of “viewer psychology” and creates content that caters to both the young as well as mature audiences. This helped drive her YouTube career forward and became an internet sensation in no time. However, that was when the controversies surrounding her started cropping up as well.

Celestia Vega Career


The thumbnail from the “Smash or Pass: YouTuber Edition” ft. Celestia Vega, Zoie Burgher, and Abigale Mandler

Then she began using other social media platforms and, along with Zoie, started to upload more erotic content which caused controversy.

They also began selling nudes to fans and started a brand name Luxe wherein they streamed various content, including adult content.

However, Vega’s decision to venture into mainstream porn birthed discontent amongst the girls and Vega ended up leaving the Luxe. It is quite ironic that Zoie ended up in the porn industry herself.

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Thereafter, she tried her hand at mainstream pornography and was reportedly happy about her decision. She even uploaded a behind-the-scenes video on youtube stating that she’d always wanted to try her luck in the porn industry.

She got her PornHub profile verified and her first professional adult video was released in December 2017. She was represented by LA Direct Models during her adult entertainment stint.

Vega ended up disabling her social media accounts in 2018.

However, she uploaded a video on Twitch explaining that she’d left the adult industry was “back”. Presently she has again started to stream on Twitch.

Celestia Vega Personal Life, Sexuality, and struggles


Celestia stands at 5’4” and her zodiac sign is that of Leo. She dyes her hair in multiple colours ranging from blue to pink. Sometimes, she also wears wigs.

Coming to her sexuality, she did confirm that she is bisexual but prefers females. She also talked about her issues with anxiety and depression and how she has a hard time dealing with the same.

Celestia was in a relationship at some point and they broke up. The breakup was so bad that Celestia shaved her head and moved from California to the Eastern US. It is unknown if Celestia is in a relationship at present, although she has alluded to a boyfriend in some of her tweets.

Celestia Vega Net worth

Celestia Vega is an American YouTuber.Her estimated net worth is around $200,000 but the monthly income is unknown. Her earnings mainly from YouTube ad revenues and her stints in the adult industry.Being highly active in youtube and Instagram,

Celestia Vega unknown facts

1) Her current place of residence is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

2) She loves animals and lives with three cats, two rats, and an iguana.

3) She enjoys watching documentaries and horror shows.

4) Her filmography includes –

  1. Teen fidelity in 2018,
  2. RK Prime in 2018,
  3. Bang or Bust in 2019.

5) Her favorite colour is pink.

6) She was awarded the title of Maxim’s finest in 2017. There she gave a short speech about resiliency and staying true to oneself.

7) She was at the epicenter of the KSI-Vega controversy in November 2017 when KSI promised to upload his first porn video with Celestia Vega if his youtube video garnered a million views. He reached the target but the video was taken down by PornHub.

8) The names of her pets are –

  1. Cats – Khajiit, Rengar, and Liam
  2. Rats – Sylvester and Nigel
  3. Iguana – Avery

9) Her Instagram account was taken down in 2017, presumably because she violated the IG terms and conditions with her “steamy” content.

10) She played track in high school and was reportedly very good at it too.

11) She has trypanophobia(fear of needles).

12) She quit the adult industry because she felt uncomfortable with it and was afraid that she was wasting away her youth.

13) She is a good friend of Zoie Burgher.

14) She loves wearing eyeglasses even though her eyesight is fine.

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