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Laura Giaritta Biography

Laura Giaritta
Laura Giaritta Wikipedia, Bio and Pics


Name Laura Giaritta
Date of Birth 18, October 1971
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Father Thomas Giaritta
Mother Elaine Giaritta
Spouse Vanilla Ice
Children Dusti Rain and KeeLee Breeze
Hair colour Blonde
Eye Colour Brown
Profession Proprietor
Age 47 yrs
Net Worth $ 10.000 Million

Laura Giaritta Wikipedia

Laura Giaritta was born on 18th of October 1971, The United States of America. She was born to American parents Thomas Giaritta and Elaine Giaritta.

Laura Giaritta has an elder sister Renee Giaritta. Her nationality is American and her ethnicity is white.

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Laura Giaritta marriage

Laura Giaritta Married Vanilla Ice

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Laura Giaritta dated and later married the celebrity rapper Vanilla Ice. Ice in the year 1994 was going through the rough patch of his life and was experiencing all the problems. In the same year broke up with his girlfriend and lost the track of his career. He was so fed up with his career and relationships that he decided to end his life and chose a path of a drug overdose. Luck had things in store for him and he was saved.

The following year on 4th of July when the rest of America was celebrating their Declaration for Independence, he found love in surrendering a part of his life to someone else. Ice found all the solace, comfort and love in the presence of Laura and both soon started dating.

Love took each one of their nerves and the couple decided to marry after two years of dating each other. They exchanged the rings on 30th March 1997 and celebrated it with pomp and show. Happiness seemed to come all along their path in the form of their daughters one after the other.

In the same year, the couple gave birth to a beautiful daughter and named her Dusti Rain who has now grown up to a more beautiful lady and even completed her Bachelor’s in Science from Full Sail University.

The couple again were blessed with a daughter in 2000 and they named her KeeLee Breeze. The couple even prospered economically but their love outgrew and took the turn of abuses, domestic violence and later divorce.

Laura accused Ice of domestic violence twice but later took the charges off him. When she couldn’t restraint all this, she finally decided to call this fasçade, called marriage off and instead filled for her divorce.

The entire decline in the graph of their marriage started when the two gave birth to their second daughter. Laura said that Ice stopped being supportive while others believe that it is the alleged extramarital affair of Laura that led to the breakdown of the cohesion.

In 2001 Laura Giaritta, filled a case of domestic violence against her husband and after all the sessions, the judge decided that the couple needed to go through therapies. The incidents of physical abuse came again in 2004 and 2008 and Laura again withdrew the charges.

She did not have enough guts to call off her marriage and instead decided to separate from Ice in 2011, who had turned cold.

Finally on her 46th  birthday in 2016, she took the much needed brave step and decided to send the gift of divorce to her husband and call this day her own independence day.

The couple did not have an easy path even after this and had to go through a great deal of struggle to get themselves detached of this bond. Soon after the divorce papers were filled, the couple started a fight against the custody of kids.

Laura wanted the complete custody of kids and also demanded the spousal support while on the other hand, Ice demanded the 50-50 custody and did not agree to share any of his property. The divorce took a long time and the couple finally parted ways after 2 years of fighting more in the court.

Laura Giaritta Children

Laura Giaritta gave birth to two daughters in her marriage to Vanilla Ice. Both her daughters initially seemed to be affected by the dwindling relationship of their parents but soon they also got their lives on track.

Her elder daughter Dustin Rain completed her masters from Full Sail University and is now doing well in her entertainment business. The younger daughter has also turned 18 and seems to enjoy her life.

Laura Giaritta Net worth

Laura Giaritta has a Networth of around $10,000 Million.Laura is a proprietor by profession and gained heights after her marriage with Vanilla Ice. She started an extreme sports showroom and named it on one of the albums of Vanilla called, “2 The Extreme.” Her net worth is not known but her ex-husband had a good amount of money and a lavishing house in Miami.

Vanilla helped her a lot to establish her business during her early days which now seems the great source of income for her. Besides she even gets the spousal amount worth $10,000 monthly and also got $110,000 after the divorce.

Who is Laura Giaritta?

Laura Giaritta who has established business and darling daughters seems to have been living a perfect life but the only happiness she is devoid of is the ‘Icing’ on her cake. Laura Giaritta gained fame due to her marriage and then divorce with the celebrity rapper Vanillla Ice.

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