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Morgan Kolkmeyer Biography 2019

Morgan Kolkmeyer

Full Name Morgan Kolkmeyer
Net worth $1.4 million
Age Yet To Update
Date Of Birth 3, September
Birth Place Rockford, Illinois
Height 5 feet 6 inches (1.68m)
Weight 64kgs
Body Measurements Slim
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blond
Career Metrologist
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Marital Status Married
wife or Husband Ryan Michel
Children NOT YET
Gender Female
Education Graduation Northern Illinois University
Salary $45 thousand
Profession Metrologist

Morgan Kolkmeyer Bio

Morgan Kolkmeyer smile that brings sunshine, the arched brows that look like clouds, the almond eyes that speak of blossoms, Morgan Kolkmeyer’s every feature seems to give an analogy of the weather.

This beautiful metrologist not only brings smiles to the gloomy days but her confidence and professionalism make her the star performer of Tribune Media’s WGN-TV. Morgan is the metrologist reporter and has contributed a lot to her field.

Morgan Kolkmeyer Age

Morgan Kolkmeyer was born on September 3 in Rockford, Illinois. Her birth year is not known and this keeps her age a mystery. Morgan is the youngest of her siblings, born to John and Jennifer Kolkmeyer. Her parents have always been a great support to her and have stood by her in every thick and thin.

Morgan was a very active child right from her childhood. She would often involve herself in extracurricular activities to identify her potentials and talents. She has tried everything from sports to music. She was a great athlete and played basketball right from the age of four till she was through her teenage years.

She also played shooting guard in her school. At the age of seven, she developed the desire for music and took classes for piano. She went to Harlem High School and from there graduated in 2009.

She then attended Rock Valley College for the next two years but she soon transferred herself to Illinois University where she did her Bachelors of Science in Metrology and minors in Applied Mathematics. She had three passion, metrology, maths, and public speaking.


Morgan had many reasons to become a metrologist. She was inspired by a weather forecaster in the family. Her aunt Sally Severson who worked at 13WREX and later at WISN 12 as a metrologist was a great source of inspiration for her. Her aunt also had confidence in her and she would believe that for Morgan, the sky is not the limit.

Another inspiring reason for Morgan that pushed her to this field was her encounter with a natural calamity. In 2004, Morgan was in Florida and there she encountered the hurricane named Hurrican Charley that impacted the entire nation.

She was deeply awed by the hurricane and the tornado that followed and she knew right then that she would want to study nature in greater detail. Another push for her was a chance she had to visit the TV stations while she was in college.

She had the opportunity to visit 13WREX and WISN and this visit fuelled the weather lover within and she left college to join Illinois University for her course in Metrology.

Morgan Kolkmeyer Net Worth

Being a passionate metrologist who worked hard to earn everything that she has today, she earned not only hearts but also a decent amount of money. Her annual salary amounts to $45,000 and her net worth amounts to $1.4 million. With this pace and enthusiasm, she’s sure to attain greater heights.

Body Measurements

Morgan besides being passionate and enthusiastic about reporting on weather. She also has a wonderful personality that manages to bring sunshine even on gloomy days. She stands tall at a height of 5’6″. She is slim and is quite conscious of her figure. She keeps herself presentable for besides being a metrologist, she is a reporter as well and is seen on and off on the TV sets. Her is straight and blonde and it is complemented by her light brown almond eyes.


The career-oriented Morgan met Rayan Michel through one of her friends and the two connected soon and joined the league of ‘happy couples.’ They dated for two years and the took to marrying each other on April 14, 21018. This couple is living a happy married life so far.

Morgan Kolkmeyer Career

Passion and zest filled Morgan, did not wait any longer and immediately took to looking for jobs once she completed her University. She first joined FOX 21 KQDS in Duluth Minnesota as a Weekend Metrologist and reporter. She worked there till July 2014 and then she looked for new avenues. She then moved to WREX-TV where she got more airspace and appeared as Morning and Midday Metrologist.

She also anchored in the Morning News. She served there for a period of three years and again looked for other opportunities. She then took her charm and charisma yo WGN WeatherCentre and joined them in May 2017. She then moved to Chicago center of the channel and started anchoring the morning news. She worked really hard to earn her place in the field and has still been working on it.

Morgan Kolkmeyer Wikipedia

On 10 October in the year 2018, while reporting the weather, the graphics computer of the channel failed but she did not stop and instead confidently kept on with her news. She took the old school pen and paper to explain the weather report. This incident gained her great respect for her work and her confidence.

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