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Nicolette Scorsese Wiki


Name Nicolette Scorsese
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Blonde
Birth Place United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity Not known
Partner Billy Duffy
Children Shiloh
Gender Female
Net Worth Not known
Height 5’4″
Weight 48kg
Career Modeling
Facebook Not available
Instagram Not available
Profession Model and actress
Date of Birth 6, January 1954
Age 65

Nicolette Scorsese Bio

Nicolette Scorsese is Not related to Martin Scorsese. Nicolette Scorsese was born on January 6, 1954 in the United States. She was blessed with a beautiful body and an ever-increasing passion for modeling. Nothing could have stopped her from getting what she desired and she also worked all our nerves out to turn her dreams into reality. Since she did not stay in limelight for much of the time, that forms a reason that almost nothing is known about her ethnicity, her education, or anything about her parents or past life. Whatever is known about her, dates to the time when she made her foot in the film town.

Nicolette Scorsese Body measurements

What could one think of when the name of a model pops into one’s mind. The perfect body. Beautiful smile. Smart body. Tall slender body. This forms the description of this model during her prime time. She is fairly tall with a height of 5 feet 4 inch. Her beautiful blue eyes are worth dying for and they compliment her blond overall look.


Nicolette Scorsese Net worth

Nicolette Scorsese has a net worth of $1.6 Million with a great career in Modeling. she gained a huge amount on brand modling.

Nicolette Scorsese Career Bio

Nicolette Scorsese Career Bio : What else do you need, to satiate the burning desire of modeling than a perfect body? Nicolette Scorsese was started off as a model representing certain brands and this humble step became the threshold of her modeling career.

In 1980, she came to the screen when she started acting. Each step kept on adding and finally in 1985, she got her breakthrough through a TV show, The A team. She also made her appearance in Charles in Charge in 1987. Her major success was her role as Melissa Cody in her debut film Perfect Victims in 1988. Her most liked and remarkable character was that of Mary which she played in Christian vacation

Nicolette Scorsese Wikipedia

In 1989. In a movie, she was working against the greatest and the renowned Chevy Chase. The film not only recognized Nicolette Scorsese as an actress but also gained a huge success and business. The film earned a grossing $70 million while its budget was only $25 million which amounts to three times the cost. Her career then took a U-turn in 90s even though she worked in a number of movies and short stories.

None of them seemed to hit right on the box office. Both her Aspen Extreme and Boxing Helena proved to be a disaster. Even her short story The Waiter and Lone Greaser did not work well. She also did some side roles which neither added anything to her merits nor decreased. She acted in L. A law, Girls in Prison, Rebel Highway, ER, and NYPD Blue.

Nicolette Scorsese enjoys her time in Hollywood yet she did not keep the graph of her career going. She ended up with just a single hit and her career went through a number of falls. She could not attain the success just like her co-stars Juliette Lewis, Johnny Galecki, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. She was last seen in the episodes of NYPD Blue in 2000 and then she called her retirement from Hollywood.

Nobody knows the exact reason of her early retirement yet maybe it could be because of her clichéd type hot girl. She worked for around 15 years in Hollywood. Her annual income or estimated net worth is not known but if reports are to be believed she did not gain enough from her Hollywood career and hence could not have lived her lifetime on it.

This is the reason she is believed to be working in some Non-Hollywood ventures.

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Nicolette Scorsese Marriage

Nicolette Scorsese was a lady who played hot sizzling roles in her movies. Officially hidden about her Marriage and personal life.

She was believed to be dating Billy Duffy and if the rumors had it, she also had a daughter Shiloh Duffy.  Besides this, not much of controversies have been involved with her.

Nicolette Scorsese Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

A 65-year-old model, who did not attain many heights in her career naturally would not have many fans and won’t need social media to interact with if-there-are-any fans. This might be the possible reason that she stays away from all the social media. She did not have any official Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account.

Nicolette Scorsese Christmas vacation

The sexy sales girl from 1989 film A Christian Vacation has not yet faded from the minds of people. Her alluring and sensational acts in the movie is remembered even when her name has faded from the film town. Christian Vacation is known even among the present day generation for her Christian Vacation is usually telecasted during the Christmas Eve to ignite the memories. This makes her a living sensation even today, even though it has been long since she has stopped her acting career.

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