Who is Sharon Shenocca? Sharon Shenocca Biography with Wiki, Education, Height, career, Age, Married Life, Pics, Net worth

Sharon Shenocca Biography with Wiki, Education, Height, career, Age, Married Life, Pics, Net worth, Family, Profession, Born Place, Weight, Feet.Complete information about who is Sharon Shenocca? how old is Sharon Shenocca?

Sharon Shenocca Biography

Sharon Shenocca

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The infamous woman, who is known to have money over her relationship of ten years and to add on, the love and home of her kids.

Sharon Shenocca the American based receptionist who was married happily for ten years to Vincent Shenocca and had two kids of 17 and 19 years of age went down to get into an extra-marital affair with the coach, Bill Belichick for what appears like for money.

Sharon met Belichick in 1980 and their relationship soon took the heat and she got to be known.

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Sharon Shenocca Wikipedia

Sharon Shenocca was born in the year 1966 in the United States. Her maiden name was Sharon Radigon. She lived her early life with het sister Kerry who has been her partner in crime not only during her childhood days but even while being involved in an affair with Bill Belichick.

Nothing is known about Sharon’s early life or schooling because she was just nother commoner struggle for her average needs and average desires till she got caught up in the affair with a celebrity.

Sharon Shenocca Career

Sharon Shenocca has not talked about her career much except for the fact that she was working as a receptionist in New York Giants, an American based football team.

The same team was headed by the coach Bill Belichick between 1979 to 1990. It was during this phase of her career that her personal life also took a new track and she became known for her illicit relationship.

Sharon also owened a Jersey store.

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Sharon Shenocca Net worth

Sharon was an average receptionist and worked for New York Gaints, so her salary was only enough to meet the ends. She got the luxurious lifestyle because of her boyfriend and her sweet daddy Bill Belichick who not only gave her $3000 every month but also bought her a $2.2 Million worth house for her.

Sharon Shenocca Personal life

Sharon Shenocca was first married toa construction worker Vincent Shenocca, and bore two kids with him. They lived together for 10 years till she met Bill Belichick while they worked together in New York Gaints. Bill Belichick was also married first to Dwbby Clarke but had at that time separated from her.

Sharon soon started dating Belichick and the two spent a lot of time together. Belichick not only satisfied her physically but also monetarily.

He used to send her $3000 every month for which Sharon said, she paid for her trainer, her fashion, her trips to Utah spa, Jamaica Florida and Puerto Rico, where her stay was at the luxurious InterContinental San Juan Resort, Spa and Casino.

Belichick paid for her private jet to Disney world which she wouldn’t have thought of in her early life and even Fast Pass credit card to pay for gasoline.

Sharon also received a  townhouse worth 2.2 million dollars from Belichick where she lived with her kids and had also slept a number of times with Belichick according to her husband.

Sharon had also received an amount of $50,000 from Belichick for her rentals in Jersey Store in 2006. Whatever and wherever Sharon went and bought for herself it was the money she got from her sugar daddy.

She even ended up in divorce because of her such preferences over her family.

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