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Larry Bird Biography

Larry Bird, the basketball player who started his base in the Indiana States, rose to Celtics where he not only won titles but also was a part of Olympic gold.

He later chose to became a Head Coach to Indiana States and again won the Coach of the Year Award. He became the executive of Indiana states and won the Executive of the Year Award.

Larry Bird Bio

Larry Bird was born on 7, December 1956 in West Baden Springs, Indiana but he did not stay there for long and grew up in French Lick

which introduced him to basketball right from his tender age. Larry went to Springs Valley High School in French Lick where he was exposed to basketball and learnt the sport fully.

He graduated in 1974 and by that time had developed into a proper basketball player. Under the sports quota, and for his excellency in Basketball, Larry earned  scholarship to Indiana University. In Indiana University, he was to play for coach Bob Knight. But because of certain reasons, he did not make up to the university and instead moved to Indiana state University to the next year.

Soon Bird was picked by NBA for Boston Celtics, but he chose to stat with Indiana State for another year and during this time he got a chance to lead his Sycamores to NCAA championship game against Michigan State Spartans.

During this match, he played against Ervin Magic, who later became another superstar for NBA. It was from this match that their rivalry as well as friendship began.

Though Larry could not emerge victorious, yet he won the USBWA College player of the year, Wodden Award and the Naismith Award and with that, he left the Indiana State.
Wife and Children.

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Larry Bird Wikipedia

Larry had a successful life when it came to his profession but he craved for a marital life and first married in 1975. He married to Janet Condra and soon gave birth to a daughter whom he named, Corrie.

This marriage could not last long and the couple divorced within a year and got separated in 1976. In 1989, he wanted a perfect home to complement his perfect and successful career and so he married to Dinah Mattingly. The two did not bore kids, yet decided to adopt. The couple adopted both the son and a daughter and named them Conner and Mariah.

Larry Bird career highlights

Lary after his stints at Indiana states came to Celtics and he signed with them firm a masive $650,000 a year.

Lary played with all his heart and claimed Rookie of the year for his NBA season. He also led the Celtics to an average of 10.4 rebounding per game.

In his second season with Celtics,  Larry along with other grear oplayers like Rober Parrish and Kevlin McHale managed to won the NBA Championship and posted a great victory against Houston Rockets with a massive 61-21 score.

After his two seasons he had already established himself well and was considered as the most unshakable player.

He managed to not only respond well to the other players game but also anticipate their moves before hand and accordingly.

He managed to win some of the great matches for Celtics.

Larry Bird played with jersey number 33 all his life; while he was in high school, while at Indiana State as well during his tenure at Boston Celtics. Lary played as small forward and power forward.

Larry also saw some of the bad phases of his career, because of his injuries. He met an injury in 1989 and missed the season that year. He also had a back problem later which slowered his pace.

But between all these ups and downs he won the All Star Game Most Valuable Player in 1982 and NBA’s MVP for three consecutive years from 1984 to 1986. He also managed to earn 20,000 points in his basketball career  by 1990.

Bird was lucky enough that during his tenure, American decided to sent their atheletes for the first time to Olympics. In 1992, the basketball team of America was ready and studded with the best that NBA had produced over the years.

This Dream Team could easily manage to win the gold medal for their nation and soon after this achievement, Larry decided to end his basketball career and with his success graph on its highest.

Larry then moved to the second chapter of his career and became the coach of Indiana pacers in 1997 and there also won great laurels.

He managed to achieve the NBA coach of the year title in 1997. He served the team till 2000 as a head coach. In 2003 he became the president of the Basketball Operations of Indiana Pacers.

He was named the NBA executive of the year in 2011.

Larry Bird not just made money but also name and fame through his profession. He has some great credits to his name. He managed to reach the NBA’s Top 50 players in 1996 and also to Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1998. Lerry also was seen as one of the Top 50 athletes of 20th Century by ESPN in 1999.

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