Warren lieberstein

Warren lieberstein

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Name :Warren Keith Lieberstein

Birth day : September 20, 1968

age : 50

Spouse: Angela Kinsey (divorced)

Born on : Westport, Connecticut, U.S.

Nationality –American

Ethnicity –White

Hair color- Brown

Eye Color- Brown

Occupation : Television writer, producer

Years active :1995 –present

Spouse(s) : Angela Kinsey
(married on 2000; divorced on 2010)
Audrey Wauchope (married on 2016)

Children :3

Father: Stanley Lieberstein

Mother: Judith Lieberstein

Siblings: Paul Lieberstein, Susanne Daniels

Children: Hazel Flora, Isabel Ruby, Sadie Hope (Daughters)

Warren Keith lieberstein, who is famous for his productions and he is also a know for his television writing. His many family members are from famous background. Likewise his younger brother Paul Lieberstein, he is also an actor and his brother in law , Greg Daniels is one of the famous producer like him . He got married to Angela Kinsey and lived happily for few years ,then after 8 years they both got divorce .we will see further information about him and his life in following article.

Early life

Lieberstein a famous writer come actor was born on September 20, 1968, in Westport, Connecticut .He is an American and has american nationality and holds white ethnicity . His hair color is brown which matches his eye color that is also brown . He came from the famous family background. His parents are Judith and Stanley Lieberstein. His elder brother Paul is an actor and television producer, He is also an Primetime Emmy-winning screenwriter. Where as Lieberstein also has a sister, Susanne, who is married to Greg Daniels who is also an famous television writer. He completed his schooling in Staples High School in Westport, graduating in 1986.


He started his career as an actor in the movie named sleepover as Justin which is directed by John F. Sullivan, this director belived his that he will complete his role in his movie eventhough the whole crew experience tension among themselves. He also made his role in The WB’s drama series ‘Hyperion Bay’ which is conducted in 1999, in the episode ‘Truth or Consequences’.

He also acted in Fox’s animated sitcom ‘King of the Hill’ in the particular episode “Bills Are Made to Be Broken” .He also acted as guest appearance in office which gained him fame . In 2011 ,he acted with his own brother in the office series in the seventh-season episode ‘Goodbye, Michael’.

Then he decided to work as a television writer. He worked with WB’s sketch comedy ‘Hype’ it was his first project as a writer. The show gained his fame as a comedy writer . This show only lasts for one episode then he worked in UPN’s ‘All of Us’ ,he wrote for two episodes for this show.

For ABC’s single-camera comedy ‘Carpoolers’

– he wrote two episodes and one teleplay they are

  • ‘Down for the Count’ in 2007
  • ‘Fist Fight’ in 2008
  • one teleplay ‘Lost in America’.
  • for one season ,He also served as writer and the co-executive producer of several episodes of ABC’s ‘Back in the Game’ .

writer in the fifth season of ‘The Office’

He wrote many episodes in ffice such as

  • ‘Cafe Disco’ in 2009
  • ‘Koi Pond’ in 2009
  • ‘Whistleblower’ in 2010
  • ‘China’ in 2010
  • ‘After Hours’ in 2012
  • ‘Turf War’ in 2012
  • ‘Paper Airplane’ in 2013

We can know his dedication towards writing because he also received Writers Guild of America award nomination.

He served as a producer

From the fifth season of office he not only made his role as writer but also as a producer in the NBC’s widely popular mockumentary series which completed it’s fifth season when he emerged as a producer. He produced and co-produced many episodes such as

  • Between 2009 and 2011 he produced 29 episodes for sixth and seventh season
  • He co produced 11 episodes in season six in 2009
  • He also worked as the supervising producer of 22 episodes between 2011 and 2012 in season seven and eight
  • Then he worked as co-executive producer of 13 episodes between 2012 and 2013 in season eight and nine
  • After that he also made his career as consulting producer of 13 other episodes between 2012 and 2013 in season eight and nine

He also worked as a writer and consulting producer for the first season of Audience’s ‘Hit the Road’.
Personal life

Warren got married with ,Angela Kinsey June 18, 2000 .This couple relationship lasts only for 8 years then they thought that their chemistry didn’t worked out well .so they decided to get separate. This duo have a daughter, she was born on may 3 2008 and now her age was 11. They got divorce in June 2010. After his divorce he decided to marry his co television writer Audrey Wauchope and this duo have two daughters. One daughter born in 2014 and the other born in 2017.


Warren is an born in silver spoon whereas his brother is an famous writer in Hollywood series and later he also worked as a actor in many series then he lead his career as a writer in many comedy show’s episode .after that he served as a producer, co producer and also consulting producer . Therefore it is clear that he got earned for his lifetime already , but he didn’t disclosed his networth or salary yet but coming to the point on an average an actor will get the median salary of about $50,195 per year ,but he is an star range actor so his income will be more where star range actor will get the salary of about the lowest of  $19,000 and to the highest of about $227,000 with the bonus, commission. He didn’t stopped there itself he also served as an screenwriters ,so on an average for the job his income will be to the lowest of about $60,000 and to the highest of about to $100,000 per year according to their performance. Now you can clearly understood that lieberstein will get a lump amount of networth in his pocket . Even his brother, Paul Lieberstein has a net worth of $14 million.

Social media life

Being an successful producer , he is only active in social media . He didn’t use any other social media like Facebook and Instagram. So he use his free time to put some tweets in twitter . There also he is not that much active like others because to be frank he is much busy in his real life.

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